Dog Training

dogdishwasherDog Problems? Are you facing some behavior challenges at home you haven’t been able to solve? Waggin’s West Dog Training and Behavior Consulting can help you with practical and effective solutions.

Everyone wants a happy, well-mannered pet at home. Not coming when called, not listening to you, pulling you along on the leash and jumping up on Grandma,  are all common problems that families face, and all have practical solutions. Do you have a dog whose “over the top” behavior includes barking or lunging at other dogs at the fence or when you’re out on walks? Do you have a shy or fearful dog who hides, or becomes agitated around strangers, visitors and children? Any of those behaviors could be the end of the loving relationship you want with your dog. 

Waggin’s West is here to serve you! Positive training and behavior modification is the key to solving all your “dog problems” and Waggin’s West can help, with gentle, effective and efficient solutions.

If you are looking for a Denver Dog Trainer and Behavior Expert, contact Waggin’s West now!

Because the rules and expectations in each home is different, Waggin’s West Training and Behavior Consulting services start with an in-home consultation, to asses your dog’s behavior and then set some goals that address your needs. We use that information to develop an individualized training or behavior modification plan designed specifically for you and your dog.
If you’re searching for effective solutions and a well-qualified, positive-reinforcement dog trainer in northern Colorado; Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Jefferson, Larimer and Weld counties, Waggin’s West is here for you!

Gentle, Effective Dog Training and Behavior Services:

  • Personalized Training and Behavior Modification plans
    • Sessions are held in your home, at convenient times to fit your schedule.
  • Day training packages available
  • New pet adoption/New puppy selection counseling
  • Potty training
  • Treibball classes and workshops available
  • Video/remote counseling sessions are available through video and Skype, for out-of-area clients
  • Presentations and private classes are available for schools, Scout troops and church groups.


If you need the help of a Certified Professional, call (303) 718-7705. We’re here to help.


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